Kansas Jail Association

Message from the President

As I continue through my career and term as president of the Kansas Jail Association, I find that the learning process continues. When you think you've seen just about every version of personnel issue you're shown a new version. When you think you've seen every inmate issue possible you're shown a new one. It continues on through every other aspect of corrections with public, bosses, the building and so on.

What I have found is the face of corrections is ever changing with new laws being passed, new programs being tried and the youngest generation giving the career a try. I believe all these challenges are what draws a person to this career and the variety of challenges is what keep us here all the while trying to avoid the many pitfalls that come with the career.

It's enjoyable to watch the new recruits hang on every word of a recounted experience from a senior staff member knowing all the while the facts have been slightly enhanced for the listeners and it never seems to point out just how scary the event was for the senior staff at the time it took place. You can still see the desire and the "I can't hardly wait" look to have some stories of my own on their faces.
It seems, as usual, one never has to look very hard to find the latest bad thing to happen in corrections but can hardly ever find the latest good thing. Some train staff to minimal or "good enough" amounts while others train to the maximum amount they can and yet we still see the "stupid" decision made or the single lapse in judgment which ends a career and blackens our eye.

We seem to forget to look for the good in the public, officers, bosses and yes even offenders. We forget to look at the good thing that happens more often than not when the shift ends and all officers get to go home and all offenders are still in custody and alive and our communities have remained safe for one more shift.
I would ask all in the career to join me to spend the rest of this year not forgetting or overlooking all the good things like a single shift going well and to celebrate it to some extent while we continue to do our jobs and limit the amount of bad of which we each control.

Please remember to support the Kansas Jail Association and the Kansas Sheriff's Association by becoming and remaining members and above all remember that we are the ones who must support ourselves by supporting each other.

- KJA President Chris Weis